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Who Are The Parents Of Leah Marlene? How Her Parents Contribute In Shaping Their Daughter’s Singing Career

Behind every successful female singer, there’s often a team of passionate and dedicated individuals, but none play a more profound role than the parents. Just like the parents of Leah Marlene who support her in every circumstance shaping her career.

Through this post, I have covered the significant impact Leah Marlene’s parents have on their talented daughter’ musical journey, exploring the unwavering support, and sacrifices. Let’s dive into it.

Who is Leah Marlene?

Leah Marlene, a prominent American singer, songwriter, and producer, gained widespread recognition for her participation in the 20th season of the renowned singing competition, American Idol, which airs on ABC. The show’s judging panel, consisting of Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie, witnessed her exceptional talent.

she secured a spot among the top 3 finalists. Hailing from Normal, Illinois, Leah Marlene’s hometown roots add to the allure of her inspiring journey on the show. Leah Marlene’s musical journey began at a young age when she discovered her passion for singing and songwriting.

Growing up in Normal, Illinois, she honed her craft through local performances and talent shows, captivating audiences with her soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics. Her dedication and raw talent caught the attention of music producers and industry insiders, eventually leading her to audition for American Idol’s 20th season.

A Quick Bio of Leah Marlene

Here is a quick biography of Leah Marlene mentioned below, Take a look at it.

Real Name Leah Marlene
Profession Singer and Songwriter
Date of Birth 2001
Age 21 Years
Nationality United States
Birth Place Toronto, Canada
Leah Marlene Adress Normal, Illinois
Debut TV Show American Idol Season 20
Family Father: Derry GrehanMother: Deanna Grehan

Siblings: Shea Grehan

Who Are the Parents of Leah Marlene?

Leah Marlene Grehan was born in Toronto, Canada, in the year 2001. Her parents are Deanna Grehan and Derry Grehan, the renowned guitarist, and lyricist of the Canadian band Honeymoon Suite. Leah has an older brother named Shea Grehan, who is a photographer. When Leah was ten years old, her family relocated to Illinois.

Leah Marlene’s Father Has His Hand in Introducing Her to Singing and Songwriting

Growing up in Toronto, Leah Marlene Grehan was surrounded by a rich musical heritage, with her father’s prominent role in the acclaimed band Honeymoon Suite. It was no surprise that music became an integral part of Leah Marlene’s life from an early age.

She was exposed to diverse musical influences, nurturing her passion for singing and songwriting. Leah Marlene’s creative spirit extended beyond music, as she found herself captivated by the art of photography through her brother, Shea Grehan.

Together, they shared a deep appreciation for the arts, constantly inspiring and encouraging each other to explore their artistic expressions. In 2011, a significant turning point arrived for Leah  Marlene and her family when they decided to embark on a new chapter by moving to Illinois.

The transition to a new environment provided fresh opportunities for Leah Marlene to further pursue her musical aspirations. Immersed in the vibrant music scene of Illinois, she continued to develop her skills, drawing inspiration from the diverse cultural influences around her.

Leah Marlene explains to American Idol about her father that “My whole childhood, my life was just filled with guitars and amp,”.  “He was a freaking rock star and last night my dad was there and it was just like a full-circle moment. It was so cool.”

Besides this, Derry taught Leah Marlene how to play piano as well as guitar which influenced and enhanced her musical notes and singing performance. At a very young age, she started singing at various programs and events or occasions. She sang in Illinois, Nashville, and Canada.

Not only this, she also sang at local events like the Sugar Creek Arts Festival and Sweet Corn Circus. She completed her graduation from Normal West High School and then, made her career as per her keen interest in singing as well as songwriting. She studies songwriting in detail at Belmont University in Nashville for two years continuously.


Leah Marlene’s parents play a crucial role in their daughter’s singing career. They are the first supporters and encouragers, providing the foundation for a young artist’s dreams to flourish. From nurturing Leah Marlene’s passion for music to offering unwavering emotional support during challenging times.

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