Luna 25 Launch Date, Features, Live Updates, Landing Date & Time

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Luna 25 Launch Date, Features, Live Updates, Landing Date & Time

The Russian State Space Organization also known as ROSCOSMOS has decided to Launch the Lunar Mission named Luna-25. As per Luna 25 Mission Details, it will be launched on 10th August 2023 as per 23:10 UTC and it will land on the South Pole between three landing Sites. If you want to know about the Luna 25 Landing Date & Time then we want to inform you that as per authorities, it will take 13 Days to reach the South Pole of Moon. It means that Russian Luna 25 Landing Date will be around 23-24 August 2023 and during the similar duration, Chandrayaan 3 will also reach the South Pole of Moon. You can find the brief discussion on this topic in the section below and then you will get the answer about who will reach first. As per information available with us, Luna 25 Cost & Budget is expected to be around 100-200 Million Russian Roubles or we can say 160 Million Indian Rupees. If you live in India, then you will be able to witness the Luna 25 Launch Live in the early morning of 11th August 2023 or you can also see it on TV or YouTube. You should know that Luna 25 Landing Site is near to the Chandrayaan 3 and both spacecraft will land on the South Pole.

Russia is all set to Launch the Lunar Mission Spacecraft on 10th August 2023 at 23:10 UTC from Vostochny cosmodrome and the whole country is proud of their scientists. You must know that Russia has been working for many years to land on the South Pole of the Moon and in this series they are going to launch the Luna 25 Spacecraft which is a 4 Legged Spacecraft structure and it will land on the South Pole in between the 3 Pre Decided Landing Sites. As the Luna 25 Launch Date is near, we are here with complete information regarding the Landing Site, Budget of the Luna 25 Mission and Russian Luna 25 Mission Details. This spacecraft will carry the payload of 20 KG consisting of ADRON-LR, active neutron and gamma-ray analysis of regolith ARIES-L, measurement of plasma in the exosphere, LASMA-LR, laser mass-spectrometer, LIS-TV-RPM, infrared spectrometry of minerals and others. The lander of the spacecraft is the 4 Legged Structure which will carry this payload.

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Luna 25 Landing Date & Time

Mission Name Luna 25 Mission
Developed by Russian State Space Organization
Also known as ROSCOSMOS
Name Luna 25 Moon Lander
Luna 25 Launch Date 10 August 2023
Luna 25 Launch Time 23:10 UTC
Luna 25 Launch Time in India 11th August (Early Morning)
Total Payload 30 Kg
Luna 25 Landing Site South Pole of Moon
Purpose of Mission To Collect Soil Samples and Provide Landing Instruments
Luna 25 Landing Date 13 Days After Launch
Expected Landing Date 25-26 August 2023
Chandrayaan 3 Landing Date 23 August 2023
Type of Article Tech

Russian Luna 25 Budget & Cost

  • The Russian Space Agency known as ROSCOSMOS has decided to launch their Lunar Mission Called Luna 25.
  • The Russian Luna 25 Budget is expected to be around 100-200 Million Russian Roubles or we can say 160 Million Indian Rupees.
  • The Luna 25 Cost is borne by the Space Agency working under the Russian Government.
  • The mission of the Luna 25 includes collecting Soil samples from the South Pole of the Moon, Providing Instruments for Soft Landing on surface and Drilling Hardware.
  • You can watch the Luna 25 Launch on 10th August @ 23:10 UTC on your TV or YouTube or any Social Media App.

Luna-25 Landing Site on Moon

According to the State Space Corporation of Russia, the Luna-25 Landing Site on the Moon is on the South Pole. Moreover, there are 3 Pre-decided Locations where Luna 25 can land and it will be a soft landing similar to Chandrayaan 3. It will take 5 Days to enter the Orbit of Moon and then after a few weeks it will land on the South Pole with 30 Kg of Payload consisting of various scientific equipment. One of the major features of the Luna 25 Mission is that it will provide ease of landing to the upcoming spaceships on the moon. Once the Luna 25 lands on the Moon Surface, it will start sharing data with the Control Centre in Moscow.

How to Watch Luna 25 Launch Live

  • Follow the simple instructions given below to Watch Luna 25 Launch Live.
  • Open YouTube as per Luna 25 Launch Date & Time and then visit the Channel of Russian Space Agency.
  • View the Live Update on this page or you can watch it through another method given below.
  • Open your TV and go to any news channel.
  • Now, you can see the Luna 25 Launch Video or Live Updates.

Luna 25 Mission Details

  • The Luna 25 Mission Details are discussed in the Points below.
  • Luna 25 Mission is the Lunar Mission with the aim of taking Soil Samples and delivering Scientific Equipment on the Moon Surface.
  • Luna 25 Spacecraft is carrying a 30 Kg Payload which includes various Instruments and effective items.
  • It will also have a robotic arm which will be used for drilling purposes.

Frequently Asked Topics on Luna 25 Launch & Landing Date & Time

  • When is the Luna 25 Launch Date?
  • Luna 25 Launch Date is 10 August 2023 and Time is 23:10 UTC.
  • What is the Luna 25 Landing Site?
  • Luna 25 Landing will take place on the South Pole of the Moon.
  • What is Luna 25 Landing Date?
  • Luna 25 Landing Date is expected to be around 25 August 2023.
  • What is the Russian Luna 25 Cost?
  • Russian Luna 25 Cost is expected to be around 200 Million Roubles.


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