Russia’s Luna 25 Landing Date, Tracking ,Launch Date, Budget & Luna 25 vs Chandrayaan 3

Russia’s Luna 25 Landing Date, Tracking ,Launch Date, Budget & Luna 25 vs Chandrayaan 3

Russia’s Luna 25 mission is all set to explore the Moon’s south pole. It’s been 47 years since Russia last landed on the Moon. Luna 25 aims to find water and study the lunar surface. It will launch on August 11, 2023, and aim to land on August 23, which is the same day as India’s Chandrayaan-3 mission. Both missions want to land on the Moon’s south pole, a place with ice that could help future space missions. Even though they’re racing each other, both missions have different plans for landing. Luna 25 is a big step for Russia in space after a long time.

Russia’s Luna 25

Russia’s Luna 25 mission is a new and exciting space journey. After nearly five decades, Russia is sending a spacecraft to land on the Moon. Luna 25 has a special goal – to explore the Moon’s south pole. This mission is set to launch on August 11, 2023. The spacecraft will take about five days to reach the Moon. It’s aiming to land on August 23, which is the same day India’s Chandrayaan-3 plans to touch down. Luna 25 wants to study the Moon’s surface and find important things like water. It’s a big deal because it’s been a long time since Russia went on a lunar adventure.

Overview Luna 25
Category Event
Launch August 11, 2023
Landing August 23, 2023
Goal Study Moon’s south pole
Site Lunar south pole
Objectives Analyze regolith and study exosphere
Tech Luna 25 lander
Importance First Russian landing since ’76, water search
Collaboration Independent

After 47 years, Russia launched its first Moon mission, named Luna-25, around August 10, 2023. They’re working with India’s ISRO. Luna 25 will take about 5 days to reach the Moon and then orbit for 5-7 days before landing near the south pole. Its goal is to find oxygen on the Moon’s surface for water creation. There won’t be conflicts with other missions, as space is shared. This mission began in 1990 and is finally concluding.

Chandrayaan 3 Launch Date, Check ISRO Moon Mission 3 Budget

Luna 25 Landing Date

Russia’s Luna 25 spacecraft is planning to land on the Moon’s surface on August 23, 2023. It’s like a special journey to a place no one has been in a long time. The spacecraft will go all the way from Earth to the Moon and gently touch down on the Moon’s surface. They want to learn new things about the Moon by looking closely at its surface. It’s an exciting adventure in space!

Luna 25 Budget

Russia has not yet disclosed the budget for its Luna 25 mission. The budget represents the money allocated for the mission’s various aspects, such as design, construction, launch, and operation. It’s essential for managing expenses and ensuring a successful mission.

Luna 25 vs Chandaryan 3

Luna 25 and Chandrayaan 3, Russia’s and India’s lunar missions, target the Moon’s south pole. Luna 25 launches on August 11, while Chandrayaan 3 is already in motion. Luna 25 aims to analyze lunar soil and exosphere, while Chandrayaan 3 focuses on safe landing and experiments. They signify a resurgence in lunar exploration.

Key Point Luna 25 Chandrayaan-3
Mission Objective Study lunar polar regolith Demonstrate safe lunar landing, rover mobility, experiments
Launch Date August 11, 2023 July 14, 2023
Launch Location Vostochny cosmodrome Satish Dhawan Space Center
Travel Time to Moon About 5 days 40 days
Lunar Orbit Time 5 to 7 days August 5, 2023 (Enter)
Landing Site Moon’s south pole Moon’s south pole
Focus of Study Oxygen and water search Potential ice reserves for fuel, oxygen, water
Landing Status Awaiting landing Aiming for soft landing on August 23
Safety Measures Evacuation due to launch safety Lander designed for resilience even with failures
International Cooperation None European Space Agency partnership with ISRO

Chandrayaan-3 will run experiments for two weeks on the Moon, and Luna-25 from Russia will operate on the lunar surface for a year. Luna-25, weighing 1.8 tons with 31 kg of scientific equipment, will collect rock samples up to 15 cm deep to test for frozen water, crucial for human survival. Initially set for October 2021, Luna-25’s launch was delayed by almost two years. The European Space Agency withdrew from testing a camera on Luna-25 due to Russia’s actions in Ukraine. Ahead of Luna-25’s launch, residents of Shakhtinsky village in Russia’s far-eastern region will evacuate due to a small chance of rocket debris falling. Hunters and fishermen in the area are also alerted.


What is Russia’s Luna 25 mission?

Luna 25 is Russia’s lunar exploration mission to study the Moon’s south pole and search for water.

When will Luna 25 launch?

Luna 25 is scheduled to launch on August 11, 2023.

When is the planned landing date for Luna 25?

Luna 25 aims to land on the Moon’s surface on August 23, 2023.

What are the main objectives of Chandrayaan-3?

Chandrayaan-3 aims to demonstrate safe lunar landing, rover mobility, and conduct experiments on the Moon.

Why was Luna 25’s launch delayed?

Originally planned for October 2021, Luna 25’s launch was delayed by almost two years.

How long will Chandrayaan-3’s experiments last?

Chandrayaan-3 will run experiments on the Moon for approximately two weeks.

What is the expected outcome of Luna 25’s mission?

Luna 25’s mission outcome includes studying lunar soil, and exosphere, and searching for resources like water ice.

How does the Luna 25 mission represent a milestone for Russia?

Luna 25 marks Russia’s return to lunar exploration after a gap, representing a significant achievement in space exploration.


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